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FAG bearing units and bearing boxes

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The FAG bearing seat is generally made of grey cast iron. Cast steel and nodular graphite cast iron bearings are also available upon request. Because the bearing is usually lubricated with lubricating oil, after the first grease can be filled for a long time to maintain the lubrication effect, so most bearings do not have lubrication holes. However, bearing bearing with a mark, if necessary or can be drilled out of the lubrication hole. When relubricating, make sure that excess oil can spill out.
Bearing seat holes are usually machined to allow the bearing to move within them and can be used as non-positioning bearings. The positioning bearing configuration can be achieved by embedding the positioning ring if it is listed in the table. Location ring must be ordered specially. The housing without locating ring is used in non-locating bearing type (L) or locating bearing type (F).
All raw exterior surfaces and shell parts of the FAG enclosure are general purpose paint coat (color RAL 7031, blue gray). This paint can be covered with all resins, urethanes, acrylics, epoxies, chlorinated rubbers, cellulose, and acid hardened hammer grey enamel. The corrosion protection of the processed inner and outer surfaces can be easily removed.

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