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New nano-silver successfully sterilized without resistance, can it be a nemesis for preventing COIVD-19

wallpapers News 2020-03-09
The Hefei University of Technology has successfully developed a silver nanocluster water dispersion with the weak acid response and recombination function. After spraying to the wound, it can achieve highly effective targeted treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections. A new effective antibacterial strategy was proposed. And published in "Advanced Functional Materials" magazine.

Bacterial infections, especially drug-resistant bacterial infections, pose a growing threat to human health and the social health system, and the occasional use of traditional antibiotics can quickly induce bacteria to develop drug resistance. Bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics have become one of the biggest challenges in public health, and the development of more effective antibacterial materials and protocols is urgently needed.

Figure 1. Highly effective antibacterial with pH-responsive Ag nanoclusters

Figure 2. Ag nanoclusters with pH response promote wound healing and its lower toxic side effects

To achieve efficient treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections, researchers used weak acid-responsive orthoester polymers as stabilizers, and reduced in-situ reduction of silver nitrate to prepare silver nanoclusters with uniform size. They found that the silver nanoclusters quickly dissociate into hydrophobic silver nanoparticles when exposed to the acidic microenvironment of bacteria, and instantly release a large number of silver ions to achieve quick-acting sterilization. Subsequently, the silver nanoparticles are reassembled near the bacteria, targeted to aggregate on the surface of the bacteria, and long-term release of silver ions to achieve sustained sterilization. Compared with non-responsive ordinary silver nano, the weak acid response recombination effect of silver nanoclusters significantly improves the targeted antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli, while reducing the amount of silver used.

"The new nano-silver with high efficiency and anti-bacteria is the gospel of the pharmaceutical industry. It may have comprehensive prevention and anti-virus effects against the current severe epidemic of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, our company's nano-silver products are being produced at full capacity to ensure that the market has sufficient Source of supply. "Professor Trunnano CEO Luo confidently said.

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