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Differences between angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings

wallpapers News 2021-08-20
The main difference between these two types of bearings is the difference in rolling elements, one is spherical rolling element, and the other is cylindrical rolling element. It is for this reason that the following differences between them are produced.
1. The bearing capacity is different: the contact surface of the spherical rolling element and the cylindrical rolling element is different, the spherical contact surface is a point, and the cylindrical contact surface is a line. Therefore, under the same size, the radial bearing capacity of cylindrical roller bearings is greater than that of angular contact ball bearings.
2. Different speeds: Because the contact surfaces of the rolling elements of the two Luoyang bearings are different, the speeds between them are different. The larger the contact surface, the slower the speed is relatively slow. Therefore, angular contact ball bearings with spherical rolling elements have an advantage in speed.
3. The noise is different: when the rotation speed of the bearing of the same size is equal, the noise of the cylindrical roller bearing is greater than that of the angular contact ball bearing. This is also because the friction caused by the different contact surfaces of the rolling elements of the two bearings is different. The greater the friction surface, the greater the noise.
Considering the structural characteristics of these two types of bearings, combined with the selection and use position of the bearing model of the slurry discharge pump on site, it can be seen that:
The bearing NU311EM is used as the radial bearing of the pump shaft. It is installed on the free end and both ends of the drive end of the pump shaft to bear the radial force when the pump shaft rotates and play a role in supporting and positioning; while the bearing QJ311MA is used as the pump shaft. The main bearing of the force is installed at the drive end to bear the main axial thrust when the motor drives the pump shaft to rotate. Therefore, the main bearing is it when and the slurry discharge pump is working normally, so it is worn and damaged. The probability is relatively high. Therefore, for this type of bearing site, it is necessary to regularly replenish grease and monitor its vibration temperature. At the same time, prepare more bearing spare parts of this type so that it can be replaced in time.

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