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The declaration of a state of emergency in the United States due to power shortages affected the market for the temperature controlled

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Market Analysis of temperature controlled

Time relay Industry competition and marketization degree: relay industry development is more mature, the market competition is more sufficient, major producing countries including China, the United States, Japan, Germany, etc., including the United States, Japan, Germany enterprise occupies most of the high-end relay market share, is mainly used in industrial automation control, automotive, communications, aerospace and other fields. The output of relays of Chinese enterprises accounts for about half of the global output of relays, but they are mainly medium and low-end products, which are mainly used in household appliances, electricity, automobiles and other fields.

President Joe Biden has declared a national emergency over power shortages, ordering an increase in generating capacity and the purchase of additional solar panels from Asia.

The emergency measures to meet consumer demand came as U.S. fuel prices doubled during his time in office, leading to rising inflation, the report said. Against this backdrop, Biden's approval ratings are at record lows.

The president's statement released on Thursday (local time) is the first official acknowledgment by the White House of the reality in the U.S. nearly a year and a half after Biden took office. "As president of the United States, empowered by the Constitution and law, I declare a state of emergency because of the threat of insufficient electric power to meet consumer needs," the statement said.

Biden cited "a number of factors" preventing the United States from producing the electricity it needs, from problems in international energy markets due to the situation in Ukraine to extreme weather conditions. He called for a focus on the active use of solar energy. To that end, the United States will exempt imports of "certain components and modules" for solar panels from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam for two years or until the state of emergency is lifted. In addition, he proposed to encourage domestic solar panel production in the United States under the Defense Production Act.

The "electric emergency" comes a day after AAA released its latest data on fluctuations in the country's gas prices during the Biden administration, the report said. The average price of regular gasoline in the United States hit a record high over the weekend. Mr. Biden blamed the conflict in Ukraine, rather than government failures, for fuel price increases that have fueled the highest U.S. inflation in 40 years.

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How to assess the special situation in the U.S. economy and consumer market, and how well the White House has managed the crisis, has become a major issue of debate. In an Ipsos/ABC News poll conducted Tuesday, only 37 percent said they had a positive view of Biden's policies to revive the economy, while 61 percent said they had a negative view. Measures to reduce inflation were approved by 28 percent and criticized by 71 percent. At the end of May, after nearly a year and a half in office, Biden's approval rating had fallen to an unprecedented 36 percent, and if he fails to turn the tide, he risks becoming the worst president in history after Trump, whom he labeled the worst president in history.

Basic principles and classification of temperature controlled

Basic concept and principle of relay: relay is a control component that automatically disconnects when the input parameters (such as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, sound and so on) in the circuit reach a specified value, which can make the output parameters of the circuit change in a predetermined step. In circuits, relays mainly control, protect, regulate and transmit information. The relay has an induction mechanism that reflects external input parameters, an executive mechanism that realizes "on" and "off" control of the controlled circuit, and an intermediate comparison mechanism that compares, judges and converts the size of the input.

As a control element, relays have the following functions:

(1) Expand the control range, such as multi-contact relay control signal reaches a certain value, according to the different forms of the contact group, at the same time open and close the multi-circuit;

(2) amplification, such as sensitive relay, intermediate relay, etc., with a very small amount of control, can control a large power circuit;

(3) comprehensive signals, such as when multiple control signals are input into the multi-winding relay in a specified form, after comparison and synthesis, to achieve the predetermined control effect;

(4) Automatic, remote control, monitoring, such as the relay on the automatic device and other electrical appliances together, can form a program control circuit, so as to realize automatic operation.

In the competition of the temperature controlled market, enterprises in the United States, Japan and other developed countries constantly consolidate their dominant position in the global market by establishing technical standards, controlling core technologies, strengthening the integration of industrial chains, and firmly mastering the dominance of technical standards and international rules. In recent years, in order to further strengthen the core competitiveness, enterprises in the United States, Japan and other developed countries continue to expand temperature controlled products and speed up technology integration. Their business scope has broken through simple relay manufacturing and developed to industrial control, system integration and other fields. The key to the competition in the high-end field has developed from the competition of quantity to the competition of the basic research and development of new relays, key materials, special equipment and other core products.

The raw material of the temperature controlled

The temperature controlled cost of relay is mainly determined by raw materials, which are mainly iron, silver, copper and other metals, accounting for about 74.4% of the production cost, labour and manufacturing costs accounting for 13.7% and 11.9% respectively, silver, copper and iron materials accounting for 36%, 21% and 7% of the raw material cost respectively. The price of three raw materials has a certain impact on the profitability of the whole industry. In addition to the main metal raw materials of the temperature controlled, engineering plastics and enamelled wire are also important components of relays, and the overall supply of raw materials is stable at present.

The application domain of the temperature controlled

The rapid development of temperature controlled emerging relays. The application field of relays has changed from traditional application fields, such as household appliances and power automation control equipment, ships and new energy. Relay products have been transformed from low-end products to high-end products, such as high-voltage DC relay, high-performance industrial control relay, low-power energy-saving relay, new-generation communication relay, high-frequency relay, relay control components and other high-performance relays. The value chain of the relay industry is constantly extending to the high-end. In terms of product performance, it is developing towards the direction of more sensitive (low power consumption), smaller volume and higher performance (such as high-frequency relay).

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