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Requirements for wind power bearings

wallpapers Products 2021-09-13
Wind turbines are generally divided into doubly-fed, direct-drive and semi-direct-drive, etc. Various bearings are widely used in wind turbines. The most widely used bearing and the most complete type are traditional doubly-fed wind turbines, one Up to 32 sets of bearings for wind turbine applications. Therefore, the selection of bearings is very important to ensure the safe and stable operation of wind turbines.
In particular, the yaw and pitch bearings need to withstand large axial forces and overturning moments, and the gearbox bearings need to withstand huge shock loads during starting and braking.
At the same time, the wind turbine gearbox bearings are required to have low friction when starting at low speeds. Wind turbine bearings are generally divided into the following types: yaw bearings, pitch bearings, main shaft bearings, gearbox bearings and generator bearings. According to different bearing types, technical requirements are also different.
1. Yaw and pitch bearing
This type of bearing is generally designed as an assembly, using single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearings or double-row four-point contact ball slewing bearings, which should meet the following technical requirements:
Four point contact ball bearing
According to the force characteristics of the wind turbine bearing, the yaw bearing adopts a small clearance, and the pitch bearing adopts a four-point contact ball bearing with zero clearance or "negative clearance" design. The channel needs to be specially designed and processed to withstand large. The axial load and moment load. The yaw gear in the assembly should choose the appropriate material, modulus, tooth surface profile and hardness to ensure the life matching with the driving gear. At the same time, targeted heat treatment measures must be taken to improve the strength of the tooth surface, so that the bearing has good wear resistance and impact resistance.
2. The main shaft bearings are generally spherical roller bearings, and some double-row tapered roller bearings with large cone angles are used.
Most of the impeller main shaft is supported by two spherical roller bearings. Because the load of the main shaft of the impeller is very large, and the shaft is very long and easy to deform, the bearing must have good centering performance.
Double row tapered roller bearings
3. Gearbox bearings
There are many types of gearbox bearings, including deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, full complement cylindrical roller bearings, double row tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, thrust spherical roller bearings, and four Point contact ball bearings.

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