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Common faults of screw air compressor bearings

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1. Discoloration of bearings. When the bearings are operated under continuous high temperature, discoloration will occur. The main reasons for the discoloration of the bearing are: the lubrication of the bearing does not meet the requirements; the invasion of impurities during the bearing installation process, the inadequate cooperation between the bearing and the journal, and the shaft hole cause sliding friction between the inner and outer rings of the bearing; Resulting in resistance when the bearing runs; the bearing operation exceeds its bearing capacity.


2. Bearing corrosion. The sealing device of the bearing fails, causing external dirt or moisture to enter the bearing, which causes the bearing to rust.

3. The bearing ball is broken. Due to the small installation clearance of the bearing balls or rollers, during the use of the bearings, severe impacts are caused, and hard materials such as iron filings are mixed in the lubricant, which causes the balls or rollers to break.

4, the screw air compressor is bearing cracks. The main reasons are the defect of taking quality or the internal error of the steel used in the bearing; the bearing is subject to a large external shock load; the installation and disassembly of the bearing are not standardized, and the bearing is cracked; the inner and outer rings of the bearing and the seat hole and the journal are poorly matched, Resulting in uneven stress on the raceway, causing cracks in the inner and outer rings.

5. Scars appear on the raceway. The bearing is subjected to a secure external shock load or due to inadequate lubrication, which causes the raceway to exceed the force design standard and produce pits.

6. Bearing rotation is laborious. The bearing runs at a slow speed and cannot be rotated or labored with manual rotation. The main reasons are that the bearing is not cleaned, the bearing journal, the inner ring, or the outer ring has too small matching holes, which causes the bearing to deform or be stressed. Effortless.

The above are common bearing failures during the use of screw air compressors. In this case, we can deal with them by professionals.

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