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Tapered roller bearings require a bearing force that can withstand the opposite direction

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Tapered roller bearings require a bearing force that can withstand the opposite direction
The tapered roller bearing belongs to the separation bearing, the bearing, and the outer ring has a tapered roller. This type of bearing is divided into single-column, double-column, and four-column tapered roller bearings. A single-row cone roller bearing can withstand radial load and a single-direction axial load. When the bearing is underway, an axial force will be generated, so when another tapered roller bearing is required:
A bearing that can withstand an anti-directional axial force is balanced
The tapered roller bearing is not only "because the roller has a certain taper", but the roller must have a certain taper, and the roller vertebrae, the vertebrae point in the inside and outside must be the same point and on the centerline (similar to umbrella) Gear), otherwise the roller size head and the roller will cause sliding friction due to the same angular velocity, different line speeds, resulting in low efficiency, fever and easy to damage, this situation can take no differential car Actual theory to metaphor. There is only a cylindrical roller when the roller is a cylinder.
The tapered roller bearing has high rotation speed, rigidity, impact resistance, vibration, can withstand a large axial load. The tapered roller bearing is mainly used to withstand the radial and axial combined loads, mainly radial load. Typically, it is not suitable for separately withstanding axial loads. This bearing can be installed separately in the inner ring (with the whole group roller and holder) and outer ring. This type of bearing does not allow the axis to be inclined with respect to the housing, which can produce additional axial force at the radial load. The size of the shaft axial gap is a significant relationship with whether the bearing can work normally. When the axial gap is too small, the temperature increases. When the axial gap is large, the bearing is easily damaged. Therefore, special attention should be taken to adjust the axial gap of the bearing during installation and operation. If necessary, it is possible to use a pre-dry installation to increase the rigidity of the bearing.
Characteristics of large cone angular cone roller bearings:
The inclination angle of the outer ring roller bus to such a bearing is 25 ° ~ 29 °, so it is referred to as a large cone tapered roller bearing. The bearing capacity of the shaft is higher than that of the general cone roller bearing, mainly used to receive the radial and axial combination load of the bearing load in one direction, but it is not easy to withstand the pure quality load.

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